In one word, that is what NAVR is all about. Leadership into the new path of virtual restaurants. Our initiatives are for you, we are your voice of reason in a rapidly changing industry.

"Virtual Restaurants will be changing the landscape of eating forever. Ghost Kitchens offer opportunities for restaurants and customers that did not previously exist"

Dan Francis, CEO

Ghost Town Restaurants Inc.

Industry Practices       Government Relations     Training

Our Goal

  • To establish systems and processes that sustain high operational standards
  • To communicate with and assist government agencies in understanding the OVR's
  • To provide meaningful training and guidance to OVR operators and help build their business
Our Business is Your Business!


We work each day to help you get the most money and benefit from your virtual restaurant. Whether you have a side business or OVR's are your only business, the goal here is to help you. N.A.V.R. was formed in 2019 for the benefit of oncoming restaurant formats that were appearing within the delivery applications. As they developed, many different issues were encountered.

  • Which business is being inspected?

  • Do I need a different business license for each OVR? 

  • Who collects the sales tax?

  • What should I offer on my menu?

These questions, and many more, were encountered and N.A.V.R. seeks to get them answers. We will work with your local inspections agencies and regulators as well, on your behalf, to provide them understanding of your business so you are in the best position possible for your success.