What is a NAVR Certified Fulfillment Center?

NAVR Members can become Certified Fulfillment Centers for programs that provide menus and management service for virtual brand companies. NAVR creates the list of Certified Fulfillment Centers and provides this list to potential brand partners across the United States.

Certified facilities are automatically members of The National Association of Virtual Restaurants. Getting Certified is an important part of being a responsible provider of order fulfillment in the delivery food business.

How do I become certified?

NAVR partners with independent Brand Management Organizations that certify operators. This certification is activated once you partner with a brand management organization.

The certifications identifies these parameters:

1. You are a lawfully operating foodservice business

2. You are following the ServSafe food handling guidelines

3. That you are trained in offering to go orders

4. You have adequate kitchen and cooking facilities to produce orders for outside brands

These simple parameters outline the most basic requirements. In many cases this will involve a site visit from an affiliated organization.

If you are interested in becoming certified, please click here.